Ronen Najar is one of the most respected and leading lighting and stage designers. He has been successfully working in the lighting and design stage industry for over a decade.

Since the beginning in 1997, he has positioned himself at the top of the industry both within Israel, and abroad.

His creation extends to different fields: lighting design for television shows, theatre, events and his expertise is lighting design for large scale music concerts.

Ronen always brings unique concepts and solutions to the lighting and stage design industry; programming and operating the most sophisticated equipment, creating models and stage simulations, and proceeds in each event with outstanding creativity.

His lighting design services fit a wide range of events, from private events to large scale productions, shows and concerts.

Ronen views each and every project as a piece of art.

He treats each project with the utmost care; paying close attention to the details while still focusing on the larger picture at hand, until it reaches a point that the complete creation is larger than its components.

With this special treatment, profound experience and unique vision,

Ronen's clients are sure to receive a breathtaking experience.